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Electricity Infrastructure

The Electricity Infrastructure group develops integrated systems to monitor and diagnose the operating state of complex engineered processes. These processes range from electrical and thermal power generation and distribution to the end use of energy in industrial and residential facilities. The goals of our research are to reduce energy consumption, improve the stability and reliability of our nation's energy infrastructures, and improve the general quality of life. Our systems may be as small as a heat pump that can fit into the palm of your hand, or as large in scale as real-time monitoring of the electrical grid that provides power to the western United States.

Our group consists of more than 70 highly qualified researchers performing contract funded R&D for both the U.S. Government and commercial clients. The scope of our offerings ranges from consulting services and technical assessments to the development and deployment of complex control and diagnostic systems.

The Electricity Infrastructure group is part of the Energy and Environment Directorate of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

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